Press Kit and Resources

Looking for ways to raise awareness for Rare Disease Day? Below are a number of resources, including sample press releases, letters-to-the-editor, and governor’s letters and state proclamations that you can download and customize in less than 5 minutes. Here you will also find the official Rare Disease Day logo, social media downloads, infographics, printable handouts for your events, a countdown clock to add to your website, videos, and more. Feel free to use and share with others.

By telling your story and sharing your experiences, you help others understand what it is like to live with a rare disease. You play an important role in this global awareness campaign. Reach out to your local media reporters, including TV, radio, newspapers, online reporters and bloggers, and give them information about Rare Disease Day and your particular story.

And don’t forget to submit your photos to this year’s Rare Disease Day Handprints Across America photo gallery!

Press Kit:

  • Press Release: General (Template) – Coming Soon
  • Press Release: State House Event (Template)
  • Letter-to-the-Editor (Template)
  • Rare Disease Day 2015 Press Kit: FAQ
  • Proclamation Resources:

  • Rare Disease Day Proclamation (Sample)
  • Rare Disease Day Governor’s Letter (Sample)
  • Logos:

    Rare Disease Day logo

    For designers: Logo (PSD CMYK high definition – 18cm x 17cm – 4 Mo)

    The Rare Disease Day logo is a non-commercial symbol of global partnership in the search for ways of improving the lives of those affected by rare diseases. We ask only that the logo be displayed in the spirit in which it was intended. The Rare Disease Day logo is a registered trademark, not to be used for commercial purposes. The logo may only be used in support of activities organised commemorating and/or promoting the Rare Disease Day. The logo, if used, should stand alone. Do not alter the logo in any way such as by changing the design, colours or the proportions, or crop it or combine it within any other logo. In case it is not possible to use the correct colours due to technical limitations, use the logo in black and white.  A non-compliant use of the logo constitutes an infringement of EURORDIS’ trademark rights.

    Printable Handouts

  • Coloring Handout Page 1
  • Coloring Handout Page 2
  • Coloring Handout Page 3
  • Coloring Handout Page 4
  • Social Media

    Join, share stories and photos, and follow the conversation at #RareDiseaseDay and #RDD2015! You can use the below as your profile pictures on Facebook and Twitter to show your support.

    FB Badge

  • Twitter profile image
  • Facebook profile image
  • Shareable Facebook badge
  • Infographics

    Countdown Clock to Rare Disease Day:

    To add/embed this to your blog or website, copy and paste the following code:

    Rare Disease Day US Videos: