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Rare Disease Day is about recognizing the shared goals and common interests among all people affected by rare diseases. By working together, we can raise awareness and create a global impact. Individuals can sign up to receive updates about Rare Disease Day. Leaders of organizations or representatives of companies can sign up as Partners. Show your support by becoming a Partner or Individual Supporter to receive our updates today.

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Rare Disease Day Partners:

Rare Disease Day Partners are patient organizations, government agencies, medical or other professional societies, or companies. These organizations:

  • Support the theme of the day — that rare diseases are an important public health issue
  • Agree to promote the day through whatever means they have, such as posting the logo on their website or in their publications
  • Agree to observe the day in the non-commercial spirit in which it was intended
  • Join us in celebrating the unique partnership between rare disease patients and researchers, and highlighting the need for more research to develop safe, effective new treatments


As a Rare Disease Day Partner, your organization or company will receive helpful tools created by NORD such as a press kit, stories and photos to share with your members or employees, and regular email blasts to let you know what other partners are doing.


Individual Supporters:

If you are an individual without an organization, we invite you to learn all of the ways you can help support Rare Disease Day. By signing-up to receive updates, you will receive email blasts with updates about the day, including ways you can help raise awareness with your family and friends.

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