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Proclamations Project

States across the U.S. are issuing proclamations to mark an official state-wide observance of Rare Disease Day 2017. Last year, volunteers in all 50 states worked towards getting a state-issued proclamation for “Rare Disease Day”.

To learn more about Rare Disease Day proclamations, check out this FAQ.

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2017 Proclamation Status

We will be listing the status of proclamations being received in each of the 50 states as we become notified of them below.

If you see that one state does not have a Governors proclamation pending, or you’d like more information on obtaining a proclamation from your local municipality (Mayor/First Selectman’s office) please contact Kristen Angell ( to learn how you can get a proclamation issued by your state governor. Once the governor has issued the proclamation and sent it to you, we urge you to send us a selfie with the proclamation. We will post it on our social media pages to raise awareness!