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Rare Disease Day is about recognizing the shared goals and common interests among all people affected by rare diseases. By working together, we can raise awareness and create a global impact. Show us your support by becoming a Rare Disease Day Partner.


Rare Disease Day Partners

Rare Disease Day Partners are patient organizations, government agencies, medical or other professional societies, or companies. These organizations:

  • Support the theme of the day — that rare diseases are an important public health issue
  • Agree to promote the day through means provided by NORD
  • Agree to observe the day in the non-commercial spirit in which it was intended
  • Join us in celebrating the unique partnership between rare disease patients and researchers, and highlighting the need for more research to develop safe, effective new treatments

Partner Benefits

By completing the form below, your company or organization will be given the following resources to show your support:

  • A press release template that your company can release to show your support
  • A Rare Disease Partner badge to put on your company’s website
  • Recieve regular updates on Rare Disease Day 2018
  • Provide the best email address to send regular updates and to receive the press kit and website badge.
    Receiving NORD's E-Newsletter will provide you with monthly updates on the rare disease community and keep you connected to Rare Disease Day year round.