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Social Media

You can become involved with Rare Disease Day by participating in conversations and campaigns on social media. We’ll keep you posted here with campaigns to take part in on social media and messages that you can send out from your account to help us make a big impact. Remember to always use #RareDiseaseDay in your posts!

Current Campaigns

Help NORD spread the word about the opening of the 2017 Handprints Across America campaign for Rare Disease Day! Share the following messages on your social media channels.

  • #RareDiseaseDay is day 2 put #rarediseases in spotlight! Get started by participating in Handprints Across America:
  • Share your Handprints Across America submission on social media using #RareDiseaseDay! Get started here:
Social Media

The following are social media accounts devoted to Rare Disease Day. Follow these accounts for the most up-to-date information about the day and for resources, tips, and events to get involved with. We encourage you to tag these accounts too so that your posts can be shared with a larger audience-raising more awareness!

Rare Disease Day US 

Rare Disease Day Official 


Hashtags, short links preceded by the pound sign (#), are an integral way to how we communicate online. For Rare Disease Day, the community has been using the following hashtags. Using these hashtags during Rare Disease Day is important to create a large conversation about our community and to raise awareness for those who do not know about rare diseases.

  • #RareDiseaseDay
  • #RareDisease
  • #RareDiseases
  • #1in10
  • #CuresNow
  • #NORD