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7,000 Mile Rare Movement

The 7,000 Mile Rare Movement is a new and exciting virtual campaign hosted by the National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD) as part of Rare Disease Day™. The campaign challenges YOU to join other advocates in the rare disease community in seeking pledge dollars to walk, run or bike 7,000 miles collectively throughout the month of February.

Will you pledge your support to raising awareness for rare diseases?


Become a Rare Mover

Register for NORD’s virtual movement challenge by selecting a team based on the initiatives you would like your donations to support, and then create your personal fundraising campaign all on our PLEDGEIT website. Walkers, runners and bikers of all experience levels are welcome!

Proceeds from the 7,000 Mile Rare Movement will benefit NORD programs in research, patient assistance and advocacy.

 Three easy steps to becoming a rare mover:

  1. Register for the virtual movement at: PLEDGEIT.ORG/GIVE/NORD
    You will have the option to purchase a participant pack once you register. The pack includes a t-shirt to wear on Rare Disease Day, a commemorative medal and supporter bracelet. 
  2. Create your PLEDGEIT participant profile.
    Describe why you support this movement, and share with friends, family, colleagues, and employers to request support for your hard work.
  3. Start Moving on February 1st! 
    Use your fitness tracker to log your movements on your profile page.